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I already have a planner/coordinator, why do i need an attendant too?

Let's be real, your planner/coordinator spends most of their time on your wedding day ensuring the details of your day are just how you expect, while they may have time to check on you throughout the day, their attention will be on the details.

A wedding attendant's whole focus is you and your partner. We are making sure you are hydrated, fed, and taken care of. We're a bonus to your vendor team!

how many hours do i really need?

This all depends on you! Are packages are set to cover most wedding day milestones.

Adding more time is always possible.

what can you help me with?

There are so many tasks that can be done, and only a few things we cannot do, such as floral arrangements, or any tasks that requires use of a ladder.

We do include one errand task in all our packages.