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Wedding + Bridal Attendant

Are you looking for someone whose main job is to take care of you on your wedding day?

Are you needing someone to help eliminate as much stress as possible?

Maybe you need someone to help keep everything on track (including your wedding party)?

Or maybe you need someone by your side throughout the entire day?

that's what we're here for

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Wedding Day



 Hi, I'm Davon, a Kansas City born, Atlanta raised girl in love with Summertime. 

I have spent a large part of my professional career as a personal and executive assistant, but always dreamed of being in the wedding industry. (My dream is to one day own my own venue).

After toying with the idea for months, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and use my learned skills and natural gifts to help others on their wedding day.

  My goal is for every wedding to be as less stressful as possible for everyone. Your wedding day is YOUR big day, you are the CEO, and I am your personal assistant.

and so, harper Monarch was born

davon marie


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